What was Tony Stark's favorite Iron Man suit? Suit Revolution

What was Tony Stark's favorite Iron Man suit?

When he was only a billionaire playboy, Tony Stark was known for wearing a lot of cool suits. He had an array of different suits that fit his personality and lifestyle. But what was his favorite?

In the comic books, it is revealed that the Mark I armor is his favorite. It's sleek, streamlined, and red. It seems like a perfect fit for the man who loves everything about being an Avenger!

Which Iron man suit is the strongest?

The Iron Man Armor Mark LXXXV was the most advanced and powerful armor Tony Stark has ever created.

In the comics, Tony Stark has had a lot of Iron Man suits. But what was his favorite? 

The answer is... the Mark XLVI.

It was released in 2003, and it's pretty much the coolest suit he's ever worn. It has a whole bunch of special features that make it stand out from other suits:

  • It can withstand up to 30,000 pounds of force before breaking.
  • It has an exoskeleton that can be used to fly and is also strong enough to protect against electric shocks.
  • Its armor can be used as a weapon by shooting lasers at enemies!

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark has a lot of suits. But his favorite? The Mark VII Iron Man suit.

This is the suit that he's been wearing in the movies since 2008's Iron Man. It's sleek, it's black (with gold accents), and it has an interesting feature: it can be controlled by Stark's mind! This makes him a little bit more powerful than he was before, because he can use his mind to control this suit instead of relying on external power sources like batteries or electric generators.

Another cool thing about this suit: it has six different abilities built right into it! These include flight, super-human strength (that allows him to lift 2 tons), heat vision (that lets him melt things in his path), and a variety of other amazing powers that make him one of Marvel's most powerful heroes. 

Why Iron man suit create?

It's a tough one. He had several, but the one he wore for most of the film is probably the Mark 42. It was his first Iron Man suit, and it was built to be worn by a single person. For years, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has been using his Iron Man suit to protect the world from evil and injustice.

But now he has an enemy who wants to destroy him—and that enemy is also an expert in technology, robotics and science. They're going up against each other directly, with no armor between them.

And that's when Tony Stark gets his first idea for an improved Iron Man suit: a better one that will allow him to fight back with all of his strength at once!