The Sun Is White, Not Yellow Explain


The Sun Is White, Not Yellow Explain

  Contrary to what millions of people believe, our sun is almost pure white, appearing only yellow to human vision due to the way the atmosphere interacts with the optical spectrum of light emitted by the sun.

Due to the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, some of the visible light that reaches it is scattered, which is why the sky is blue. If blue and violet light from the sun had passed through the atmosphere without being scattered, the sun would appear blue/violet to human vision. But because blue and violet light is scattered at short wavelength and absorbed by certain components of the atmosphere, the sky appears blue and you know why Make Blood moon in night.

Similarly, since light with longer wavelengths such as yellow, orange and red is not scattered in the atmosphere, we only see yellow, red and orange light from the sun that makes it pass through the atmosphere intact, thus the sun appears to be yellow.

Sun Facts The color of the stars also tells us their temperature, from the cooler red stars like Betelgeuse, to the hottest blue stars like Rigel. Our white sun has a temperature of about 5800 K, and is classified as a type G yellow dwarf, which is a misnomer because this sequence of stars can range in color from a cool yellow to a hotter white.