Big Bang Theory Explain Easy: The easiest way to understand the Big Bang Theory

When you look up at the night sky , What do you see ? If its clear night , you might see hundreds of thousands of tiny point of light which are too numerous to co unit . Some are planet's, some are stars and some are even galaxies.which are always move !

 Now the question is that why is in our sky ? How they come ? Why don't they live in one place and why they always move ? So lets see the answers.

It is universe. The universe is everything we can touch , feel , sense , measure and detect . it includes living things , planets , stars , galaxies , dust , clouds , light and even time.universe began as just a single point , and then expanded and stretched to grow as large as it is right now and it is still stretching.

Big Bag explosion

If the universe is always getting bigger , then long - long ago it was much smaller, that means billions of year's ago everything in universe was contained in tiny ball that exploded! Ohh....WOW

The Big Bang was a moment 13.8 billion year ago how the universe began . In astronomy the Big Bang theory that suggest that the universe was create as a result of an extremely large explosion.

Now the question is that what caused the explosion ?  

The universe began , scientists believe , with every speck of its energy jammed into a tiny point . This extremely dense point exploded with unimaginable force . creating netter and proper line  its outward to make the billions of galaxies of our vast universe . Astrophysicists named this titanic explosion The Big Bang .

Reality of Big Bang 

In the Big Bang wasn't explosion that destroyed things . It was the beginning of our universe , the start of both space and time . Rather than an explosion . it was very rapid expansion , the event that stared the universe growing bigger and bigger before that event , space and time did not exist ( which means the Big Bang took place and no time.)  

The universe has no center or edge , and every part of the universe is expanding that means if run clock backward we can figure out exactly when everything was packed together . Before Big Bang explosion there wasn't a location for the Big Bang instead , it happened everywhere simultaneously.