The United States in a strategic panic; China's key technology leads the world!

Hello! welcome to Legendary China and today's topic: America is in a strategic panic.China leads the world in key technologies Since the US -China technology war the US has been trying to use the chip industry to jam China's neck using its hegemonic advantage in rules to make a lot of dirty tricks even including "kidnapping" Huawei senior \official Meng Wanzhou.

However the United States eventually could not make China yield Meng Wanzhou finally they reluctantly put back and the struggle in the field of chips.
China and the United States are fighting strength time will prove who will finally become the real winner.

Why would the United States become so hysterical

On the answer to this question a few days ago current and former US officials and private sector executives attended a conference gave a "consensus" answer - the United States in the development of several key technologies behind China and face an uncertain future.


The high-profile conference called the Global Summit on Emerging Technologies was organized by the Special Competition Studies Project a US think tank and the SCSP an organization chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is described on its website as Its mission is to make recommendations to strengthen US competitiveness in the long term and to ensure that the United States is well positioned and organized to win the technological-economic competition between now and 2030.

It is clear that the "consensus" from them is what the US political and business communities generally thiamine it fits perfectly with the US government's and Congress' policies toward China over the past few years.

who will be replaced by strategic anxiety and panic

Because once China has achieved full catch-up with the U technology the US global technological hegemony does not exist and technological hegemony is the root of all US hegemony Right now the United States is doing everything it can to block China's technological progress while China is doing everything it can to accelerate its own technological progress.

The United States in many areas has been unable to block China only the chip and strategic advantage so the United States to engage in the chip bill to engage in the quadrilateral alliance to engage in the chip embargo.

But by the same token because China is a single market of 14 billion people the demand is huge plus China is the world's largest manufacturing country the market in China manufacturing in China
China has money talent market and With the power of a nation how can the United States stop China