Syracuse Football Live Update


Syracuse Football Live Update

Syracuse football live update

Syracuse football live update: The Orange are leading the game with a 31-0 lead after Isaiah Jones catches a third-quarter touchdown pass from Garrett Shrader. Purdue's defense has fallen apart in the second half, allowing SU to gain only 101 yards on 35 carries. While SU's defense is unable to stop the Badgers' passing attack, it forces a turnover on downs.

Isaiah Jones 3 pass from Garrett Shrader

The 6-foot-4, 204-pound Isaiah Jones had a breakout game against the Boilermakers. He caught four passes for 60 yards, including a touchdown pass from Garrett Shrader. Jones was a seldom-used reserve last season, but broke out with the new offensive staff. He benefited from the addition of offensive coordinator Robert Anae, quarterbacks coach Jason Beck, and outside receivers coach Michael Johnson.

The Orange took the lead with an 84-yard drive capped by a TD pass from Garrett Shrader to Isaiah Jones. The drive lasted 16 plays, including a third-and-goal play with 2:11 left in the third quarter. On the ensuing possession, the Boilermakers answered with a touchdown pass from Tyler Durham.

Purdue's defense fails in second half

After a surprisingly strong first half against Michigan, Purdue's defense has fallen apart in the second half. Purdue's defense forced a fumble on the opening play and allowed only 155 yards on the ground. In the second half, Purdue was unable to get a single stop, and the score was close until late in the game. The loss was even more frustrating given that Purdue entered the game ranked third in the College Football Playoff poll.

One play that stands out as an example of Purdue's defensive struggles came late in the game. After a timeout, Purdue was facing a tough IU defense. Syracuse's defensive tackle pushed center Gus Hartwig into the backfield and a Purdue offensive lineman dropped the ball. The next play, with the game tied at 10-10, was an opportunity to score. The Purdue offense had several chances to score on fourth down, but their offense failed to capitalize on those opportunities.

SU's rushing attack manages 101 yards on 35 carries

Syracuse's uptempo attack was one of the highlights of the game. Running backs Connor Williams and DeVito combined for 101 yards on 35 carries and Syracuse's quarterback Welch completed eight of 20 passes for 176 yards. The Orange did manage to gain 234 yards on 77 plays, but it was limited by its inability to convert long pass plays. The Orange are back in action on Oct. 26 when they host Miami in their homecoming game.

The offense did manage to score on the final play of the game, stifling the Knights' offense. On third-and-six, Syracuse's running game managed to gain just 101 yards on 35 carries, while the Knights managed to get just one touchdown on three drives. The offense was limited to just a few carries in the fourth quarter, and Syracuse managed to punt two times. However, the offense had several high-powered plays in the second half.

SU's defense forces a turnover on downs

Syracuse is forced to turn the ball over on downs. It is the first time this season that the Orange has forced a turnover, and it is a big one. A sack by Caleb Okechukwu and another by Anthony Johnson puts the Orange in a 3rd-and-long situation. It is also the first time this season that Syracuse's defense has forced a turnover.

In its practice on Wednesday, Syracuse's defense has focused on forcing turnovers. In a three-station turnover circuit, the defense tries to strip sacks, force a fumble, or force a quarterback to throw the ball away. They're also working on tipping passes and forcing a fumble.

SU's offense picks up where it left off last week

After going three and out on its opening possession, Syracuse's offense picks up where it left of last week by scoring on its next possession. However, the game quickly becomes a white-knuckle affair as the Syracuse defense struggles to contain the Boilermakers' offense. On the fourth play, SU's offense fumbles, but the team is able to recover with just a few plays left.

On the ensuing drive, SU's offense is in the red zone on four of the team's first four possessions. Syracuse, however, gets a break on a 3rd-and-10 when Purdue is whistled for a holding penalty. After the play is called back, Shrader scrambles out to his right and sees Jones one-on-one coverage and throws the ball out of bounds near the sideline. Regardless, Syracuse keeps the ball on the option play and eventually gets a first down.